today steve and i went to the plateau to take a walk and look at nature. it was a sunny but cold day. we walked all the way to the boardwalk and with all the recent raining and flooding it looks like it took its toll on the boardwalk, it was closed, twisted, part underwater and needs to be reconstructed. i hope that they will be able to fix it, we love to go there and look at all the fun stuff in the water….fairy shrimp, frogs, razorsnakes.

after we left there we went out to dinner at fish house vera cruz, steve got a gift certificate from the kids. he had redfish, something neither one of us had never heard from one. i wanted to have my old standby…monkfish but i think for the first time ever it was not available…an omen for the year to come? so i got scallops, most anything there is delicious.

then we stopped at a couple of targets so that i could see if i could find any gift cards to add to my yet another “collections”…..i love the creativity they put into some of them and the graphics.

all and all a great start to a new year!


~ by luraisat on 01/03/2011.

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