i love when there are days that there is no where to go, no doctor appts, no errands, and can just sit home and relax …..do NOTHING! and i did just that.

too lazy to even do my evermounting, overflowing incredimail. barely touched it but need to get things organized before i start school. yes, i am going back to school on jan 18th i start photoshop class…hope that i am smart enough to follow along and “get it”. i really want to learn so that when and if i can ever get my canon rebel camera and start my photography lessons i will at least have some kind of photo background. oh, if i had it to do all over again i would have chosen this for my career but then i think we are led to paths that we take for a reason. most of the time i cant figure out why but do believe in a higher power that has his (or her) hand in where i go, what i do and ultimately what happens to me.

wow……….two day into the new year and two blogs….we will see how long i can keep this up. i really want to do an art journal but that is alot more complicated. first because i have very little art talent and then i dont have the journal yet either. that would help…having the journal itself. LOL!



~ by luraisat on 01/03/2011.

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